Design to Renourish book

Design to Renourish: Sustainable Graphic Design in Practice

by Eric Benson and Yvette Perullo

“The Best New Graphic Design Books of 2017,” Format Magazine.

“Required Reading: AIGA’s Design Educators Community list their must-have books for design inspiration for 2017,” Design Observer.

Design to Renourish is a book for graphic designers that helps to integrate sustainability into their workflow through systems thinking. This process asks the graphic designer to approach a design problem by being more informed and aware of and influenced by the impacts that material and vendor choices have on one another, the planet, and consequently on us.

The book not only walks the reader through how to design with nature as a model, but also offers solutions to the real life challenges of working with the client to create sustainable work. Through ten case studies that feature interviews with international design teams who embrace a sustainable systems methodology, the reader will gain valuable insights on how to design to renourish for positive change.

Published October 2016 by CRC Press. All rights reserved.